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Infectious Diseases Posing Serious Threat to Children


Children are vulnerable to various infectious diseases. Most of these diseases can be prevented and treated, such as what facilities like private in-home nursing in Georgia are practicing. Even so, several children have died due to these illnesses. Of the global deaths of children below the age of 5, 30% were caused by pneumonia, malaria, and tuberculosis in 2019. Read on to know more about the infectious diseases that pose great health risks to our children.

  • Pneumonia
    The top cause of death for children below 5 is pneumonia. This infectious disease is estimated to kill about 700,000 children yearly. In different areas of the world, one dies from pneumonia each minute, even if this illness can be totally prevented and managed easily using antibiotics. A registered nurse or any other healthcare professional who has the capacity to help in the treatment of the disease provides the needed care for those affected by this disease in the right healthcare settings.
  • Diarrhea
    There has been much progress in lessening the number of deaths caused by diarrhea in recent years. However, this disease has remained among the top causes of death of young children, especially those in humanitarian environments. Throughout the world, it is estimated that diarrhea killed about 480,000 young children in 2019, which is 9% of the total deaths of children below the age of 5. These deaths could have been prevented by using simple effective interventions like oral rehydration and zinc, which can easily be provided by home health care.
  • Malaria
    The third deadliest disease for children under 5 years of age is malaria, behind pneumonia and diarrhea. About 274,000 children below 5 years old died because of this disease in 2019, which is 67% of the total malaria deaths worldwide. Measures have been undertaken to prevent this illness. One effective defense against this disease is the insecticide-treated mosquito net. Fast diagnosis has also been found vital for treatment.
  • Tuberculosis
    Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that the world is very familiar with preventing and treating. However, more than 600 children below the age of 15 die because of it daily, which is about a quarter million yearly. The majority of these deaths happen to children below 5 years old. Even though countries have developed ways for preventing TB, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment among adults, children still suffer through the loopholes. We may qualify for the Medicaid program for the coverage of this disease.

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