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Every care, every action comes from the heart
a doctor and a child

The Georgia Pediatric Program (GAPP) serves eligible children under 21 years of age who are medically fragile and in need of medically necessary skilled nursing care and/or medically necessary personal care support.

With the Georgia Pediatric Program for Children (GAPP), you won’t have to worry about the costs! It’s FREE!

With Custom Living Care’s experienced team of professionals, we are ready to give you and your child the support care that you need. We are here as your family!

We understand that it can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s okay. We’ll be your helping hands, supporting you and your family so you can feel a little more stress-free.

Our warm and compassionate caregivers will add a personal pediatric touch when caring for your child, so you can rest assured and have peace of mind.

We’ll provide a comforting environment for them and help them enjoy the things they love. While helping them with their activities of daily living, we will also have fun, stimulating activities they can cherish.

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